WCCO News – Living Green Expo Teaser

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WCCO News – Living Green Expo

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A Credible Threat? Bikes Clipped in NYC

In preparation of President Obama’s visit to New York a couple weeks ago, the police with no friends in the scheduling department on the force pulled the duty of driving up and down Houston Street, cutting locks, and carting the bikes away. Why? It seems that some genius military strategist believes that bikes could be […]

National Public Radio Science Friday

meeting-the-nations-bioenergy-goals Listen here to learn more about electric bikes.

Bike Crash Portraits

If you’re into blood and gore, take look at Mediamatic’s Sur Place exhibition on Bike Crash Portraits. People with crushed faces after they get hit by cars or fly over the handlebars. A lot of them look like self-portraits taken in hospital bathroom mirrors. Each portrait has the brief story behind the crash. Brutal stuff.

Google Maps 'Bike There' Option

Today Google unveiled their ‘Bike There’ option on Maps. I dropped my commute in and it sent me over the Brooklyn Bridge footpath at rush hour and through some Prospect Park walkways. While the idea of having a Bike There option is great for people who don’t know how to find their way around, I […]

Twitter Helps Reunite Messenger with Stolen Bike

This never happens. An NYC messenger was reunited with his stolen bike after Tweeting that his ride had been stolen. Security footage proved useless and a campus of the neighborhood turned up nothing, but a contemporary and Twitter follower of the messenger saw the stolen bike outside a downtown deli. He called his buddy and […]

Judge Rules Against Critical Mass in NYC

A New York judge has ruled that it’s lawful for NY Police to arrest Critical Mass participants who don’t apply for a parade permit. Cyclists will be allowed to ride in groups smaller than 50 riders without a permit, but if they want to ride through town in a group larger than that, they’ll need […]

Portland to Get 680 More Miles of Bike Lanes

Portland’s $600 million plan to wind bike lanes through the entire city has been kicked off with a $20 million infusion from the city board. The plan passed unanimously. These aren’t your crappy, bike-lanes-painted-on-the-ground that never see maintenance and serve mostly as overflow parking for cabs; they’re going to be lanes that are segregated by […]

South Dakota Bike Safety Bill in State Legislature

A bill that would make it illegal to drive within three feet of a cyclist is winding its way through the South Dakota state senate. The distance, roughly an arm’s length, would mean that drivers that sideswipe a cyclist or are observed driving too close to them would be slapped with a misdemeanor. Opponents of […]