Tweed Across America

I’m on the fence with these informal Tweed Rides every city is having. I like that the organizers are trying to let the locals know that you can get out on a bike without wearing neon Lycra and a shirt covered in advertisements. I also like that they employ more of a law abiding attitude […]

New York Look NYC Bike Awareness Ad Campaigns

I read that the City of New York would be running television and billboard ads dedicated to raising awareness among drivers that they need to look for bikers on the road. “This is great!” I thought. Then a couple months passed until I saw one of the ads, in a bike shop. Seriously? People walking […]

There’s a Silver Lining Here: Momentum Still Seeking Male Models for Interbike Fashion Show

Maybe the fashion side of cycling is going the way of Biopace chainrings. The hipsters of Williamsburg are giving up fixies for vintage mopeds, and Momentum Magazine can’t even find a couple male models for their Interbike runway show in Vegas. While it’s predictable that hipsters would rediscover the irony of fossil fuel burning vehicles, […]

City of New York Commissions Company to Design New Bike Helmet

The NYC Government dumped some money into the Fuse Project–a plan to get more city riders wearing lids. This modular foam helmet is what they got in return. It’s basically a skate helmet wrapped in a removable cloth that you can twist around whether you want to look like GI Joe, a jean jacket, or […]

Nice Ride Minnesota Logo

The Minneapolis bike share program, Nice Ride, has it’s logo out. It comes to us from the local designers at Duffy’s. What’s up St. Paul? How’s your bike share program? That’s what I thought. I can’t wait to see Downtown St. Paul’s Razor Scooter Share program. The Nice Ride website has the phase 1 map […]

Missing Bike: No Reward Offered

Came across this picture on my friend’s Facebook page. Proof that not everyone who believes in Karmic laws wants to put good out into the universe. The flyer was hung awhile ago and ended up on a Threadless T-shirt; hopefully the author is credited and gets enough money to buy a new bike. I’m not […]

My trip to work the dentist

A while back I had an incident while riding my bicycle and I’ve decided to tell the story of the incident in hopes that some mild entertainment might be squeezed from it. The experience began as many before have, with me strolling lazily towards my dual-wheeled, man-powered mode of transport at that pace just faster […]

Costa Rica Bridge Stunt

If you have a crazy idea, chances are that Red Bull will sponsor you. Take this guy in Costa Rica. It looks like Red Bull gave him a ride to the bridge in one of their Niacin-powered mini cars, outfitted him with branded protective gear, and then made him ride across the bridge. It might […]

Obama Riding in Martha’s Vineyard

The latest president took to Martha’s Vineyard on a family ride. It took the L.A. Times a few minutes to throw together an opinion on how he’s ruining the world by not wearing a helmet. As with most LA Times opinions, I’m having a hard time telling if it’s a serious article or it’s meant […]

Stevil Kinevil Launches All Hail the Black Market

Everyone’s favorite biking blogger Stevil Kinevil started All Hail the Black Market this week. It looks a lot like his former blog for Swobo, How to Avoid the Bummer Life, but this time he’s struck out on his own. We look forward to the new line of gear-you-can’t-live-without that Stevil is sure to launch shortly. […]