Fixed-Gear Pool Riding

A couple lucky fixie riders got to roll through a massive hydroelectric reservoir before it was filled with water. Imagine the biggest swimming pool in the world. Eat your heart out skaters. The large-scale images are unreal.

Light Lane Personal Bike Lanes

You tried convincing your friends to paint bike lanes down frat row but they wouldn’t go for it. The Light Lane might not be as fun as stolen construction vests, Stop signs and buckets of paint for guerilla bike lanes, but it’s a whole lot less illegal. The Light Lane would attach to your seatpost [...]

The First Bike Video Ever

Ol’ Tom Edison was onto something when he picked up an early camera to shoot video of a fixie rider. They must not have been able to move the camera too much during filming back in 1901. That tweed look is really coming back, too. via HTATBL

Like your first bike

I recently re-built up my first road bike from five years ago with the intention of selling it to a friend who needed a bike. I bought the bike used, hadn’t ridden it for four years, it hadn’t even had wheels on for three. My friend is fairly new to cycling and just needed a [...]

Pedicab Accidents in Hipster Land

I’ve never worried about putting my life in someone’s hands when I climb into the car with them. It seems like a pretty safe venture. If I ever was so desperate for a ride that I had to get on one of these clown bikes, my safety in another rider’s hands would be my first [...]

Swobo’s Message in a Bottle Program

Swobo is settling in for some guerilla warfare with bottled water. All of their new water bottles come with the address for Nestle Waters printed on the side so that when it’s time to retire the crusty, moldy bottle, you can add the postage and send it to the people helping to fill the oceans [...]

Supreme Court Nominee a Cyclist

This can only be good news. The about-to-be-appointed Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a cyclist. Hopefully one of the victim-blaming crashes where a biker gets crushed by a car and then given a ticket for not having a front light will get to the high court. Then she could decree a Rule by Bicycle [...]

A Wretched illness affecting bike shop employees today.

Five years ago I walked into a bike shop in Minneapolis…My interest in bikes had increased dramatically from the time I moved into the city and realized cars just made me salty. Five years ago I almost didn’t get into cycling for one very specific reason, bike snobbery. Bike snobbery is the most debilitating illness [...]

U.S. Establishing Nationwide Bike Trail Network

A new initiative will make it easier to plan your ride from Bar Harbour, Maine to Seattle. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials are accepting applications[pdf] to designate bike lanes as part of a new nation-wide Bicycle Route System. Ideally the Feds will help fund upkeep on these trails that become part [...]

U.S. Bike Sales Outpacing Car Sales for 2009

It looks like the rest of America is catching on. US bike sales have been higher than car sales so far this year. It might have something to do with cars being more expensive than bikes, but we need to take these victories where we find them. The Huffington Post has the full story on [...]