Cyclist Takes a Bullet in the Helmet from a Firefighter

A chemically unbalance firefighter in Ashville, NC shot out his window at a biker who was riding down a busy road with his 3-year old on a bike seat behind him. “He decided he needed to tell them he thought it was unsafe that they would do that and have their child out there in […]

Blind Trials Rider

Matt Gilman walks around the site with a cane for a few minutes before riding, and then he relies on a couple friends to prompt him. He hops on his bike and rolls around on some big drops and pulls off some pretty rad trials moves. Give trackstanding with your eyes closed a try and […]

All-Natural Bike Helmets

Nature sensitivity is not generally something that’s thrown around in helmet sales. It’s more like, “Will this keep my head from getting crushed by a truck wheel? No? Then how about if I slam my head into a window? Does it match my bike?” One company is working on developing a bike helmet that’s all […]

Cyclist/Motorist Beatings and Shootings

Some wack job cyclist in NYC on a track bike came unhinged and started pounding on a guy with his U-lock. Maybe the guy deserved it, but seeing this kind of video all over the internet doesn’t exactly build goodwill among the cycling and driving communities. It leads to crap like this North Carolina firefighter […]

Discounts for Patrons on Bikes (in Germany only, for now)

A Berlin brothel is offering patrons who arrive on their bikes a 5 Euro discount. It’s a genius way to go green for Maison d’Envie and they say about two or three customers per day have been taking advantage of the special. About 12% of all street traffic in Berlin is bikes, so this seems […]

Varsity Bike Sidewalk Space

After being in Dinkytown for 13 years, Varsity Bike has moved down the street three doors.   As with all change there has been the expected changes, as well as the unintended ones.  During our time in business we have always had bikes on the sidewalk, a public tool block (which is 12 basic bike tools […]

Minneapolis Bike Commuter Finds Suicide Victim

A Minneapolis bike commuter riding home from the St. Paul campus last week pulled over in the bike lane when she saw a pair of shoes tidily placed and pointing towards the edge. Over a day had passed while cars flew by, but the odd placement of shoes gave her pause. She peeked over the […]

The Minneapolis Bicycle Film Festival! July 8th-July 12th

Tonight, July 8th, kicks off the Bike Film Festival, 4 days packed with fun events! Tonight, Wednesday, will be Bike Trivia starting at 7PM at the 501 Club followed by 9PM musical performances by Knife World, Gay Witch Abortion, and No Age, all of which is FREE. Tomorrow, the 9th will be located at the awesome Riverview […]

The Urban Cycling Gender Gap

A new study found that in the U.S. men make three times as many trips by bike as women. In urban settings the number gets even more disparate with women only making about 20% of total bike trips in cities. This is great news if you’re a single girl and into skinny guys with no […]

Fixed-Gear Pool Riding

A couple lucky fixie riders got to roll through a massive hydroelectric reservoir before it was filled with water. Imagine the biggest swimming pool in the world. Eat your heart out skaters. The large-scale images are unreal.