Studded tires are the biggest upgrade you can make to a winter bike. There are a variety of factors involved in choosing the right studded tire. Tire size, the number of studs and stud material are the the most important.Here are some FAQs to help you choose the right tire:

What’s size tire should I buy?

The ideal size tire depends on what fits your bike and whether you want your Cargo Bike to be better equipped for snow, or dry pavement. A wider tire will provide better traction, but at the expense of more rolling resistance.

How many studs?

If you mostly ride city streets, consider a tire with fewer studs. Tires with fewer studs perform better on pavement, but won’t handle as well on ice. If you ride extensively on trails, or infrequently plowed side streets you might want to consider a tire with more studs to provide better traction.

Carbide or steel?

The choice of stud material doesn’t affect how the tire handles, but it has a huge impact on durability. Carbide tipped studs will last much longer, especially if you find yourself riding on long sections of dry pavement. However, steel studs are less expensive, and a good option if you don’t plan on riding every day.

One tire or two?

Studded tires are a pretty large investment, especially if you don’t ride your bike every day. One option that we’ve found is to install a single studded tire on the front wheel. Most of your control and braking is provided by the front tire, so a single studded tire will often suffice for moderately icy situations. Additionally a single tire will be a little faster and easier to manage in dry pavement. That having been said, a full set of studded tires are very beneficial as the winter presses on and the side streets become a harrowing system of icy ruts.

What do you have available?

We’ve tried to make this page reflect what we have as closely as possible,but feel free to give us a call or send us an email to make sure.





Number Of Studs

Stud Material


45NRTH Arcwelder 45NRTH is a new company based in Minneapolis. Their tires are designed to be tough and affordable. 26×2.1″ 268 Steel $59.99
45NRTH Polara 45NRTH tires are developed to take on Minneapolis’ worst winter conditions. The Polara is a great tire for the budget conscious. 700×35 110 Steel $49.99
Continental Spike Claw 26″ This tire will excel on unplowed trails or if your route includes icy, rutted out side streets. 26×2.1″ 240 Steel $99.99
Continental Nordic Spike A wide, aggressive treaded tire with lots of studs. The Spike Claw is built for taking on the worst streets. 700×42 240 Steel $94.99
Continental Top Contact Winter 26″ Continental used their experience in producing winter tires for cars to create a new approach to winter bike tires. The top contact isn’t studded. Instead it features an extremely grippy rubber compound and a specially designed siped tread. 26×1.9″ N/A N/A $59.99
Continental Top Contact Winter 700C Continental’s outside the box approach to winter bike tires. A great option if you find yourself riding mostly on wet sloppy snow, rather than ice. 700×37 N/A N/A $59.99
Innova Studded Tire 26″ A great tire at a reasonable price. The Innova is narrow 26″ tire with fewer studs. This is a good choice if you want a little faster riding tire. 26×1.9″ 104 Steel $59.99
Innova Studded Tire 26″ A wider tire with plenty of studs. A hard-core tire for the iciest commutes. 26×2.1″ 268 Steel $69.99
Innova Studded Tire 700C An affordable all around option. 700×35 110 Steel $59.99
Kenda Klondike K946 The Kenda is a great value for a tire with carbide tipped studs. The K946 is on the narrower side, but still sports a healthy number of studs. 26×1.95″ 168 Polymer Body W/ Carbide Tips $79.99
Kenda Klondike K1013 A lot of studs and wide width make the K1013 ideal for the worst roads and trails. 26×2.1″ 252 Polymer Body W/Carbide tips S79.99
Kenda Klondike K1014 A versatile and affordable tire. A perfect every day rider. 700×35 110 Polymer Body W/Carbide tips $79.99
Kenda Klondike K1014 A wider profile means this tire will be able to roll through most anything. Great for hybrids, or ‘cross bikes with enough clearance to run a bigger tire. 700×40 100 Polymer Body W/Carbide tips $79.99
Kenda Kwick Not a studded tire, but a good choice if you ride a bike that lacks the clearance for a higher profile studded tire. The tread pattern will help in snow, though not as much as a studded tire. 700×30 N/A N/A $19.99
Nokian Gazza Extreme A brand new studded 29er tire from Finland’s finest. A beast of a tire perfect for conquering trails,  or the gnarliest streets. 29X2.1″ 294 Steel W/Carbide Tips $119.99
Nokian Mount & Ground W160 Nokian is a Finnish company that specializes in winter tires for all vehicles. Their experience shows in this well designed, durable tire. 26×1.9″ 160 Steel W/Carbide Tips $69.99
Nokian Hakkapelitta A10 This is, hands down, our best selling studded tire. It’s a great tire, but perhaps more crucially, it size allows it to fit on a wide range of bikes. It’s also a fantastic tire if you want the smoothest ride possible on clear pavement. 700×32 72 Steel W/Carbide Tips $59.99
Nokian Ice Speed A nice balance between the A10 and Nokian’s more aggressive offerings. 700×37 100 Steel W/Carbide Tips $NA
Nokian Hakkapelitta A wide, highly studded tire in a 700C size. This tire would be perfectly suited to a 29er set up for commuting. 700×40 240 Steel W/Carbide Tips $99.99
Panaracer Cross Blaster Not a studded tire, but still a great winter option if you can’t fit a studded tire. We’re big fans of the design and durability of Panaracer tires. 700×31 N/A N/A $39.99
Schwalbe Marathon Studded Tire A winter version of Schwalbe’s fantastic Marathon city tire. This is a new favorite amongst those of us at the shop who can run a wider tire. 700×40 240 Tungsten Carbide $84.99
Sunlite K161 27″ Hybrid Tire Unfortunately there aren’t any studded tire options available for 27″ wheels. If you plan on riding an older bike equipped with 27″ wheels through the winter these will be the next best thing. 27×1&3/8″ N/A N/A $14.99
Innova Stud Replacement Kit A kit for replacing the studs on your Innova studded tire. Includes a specially designed tool and 20 studs. N/A N/A N/A $23.99

Nokian Stud Replacement Kit

20 carbide tipped studs for your Nokian tires. N/A N/A N/A $19.99

Nokian Stud Replacement Tool

A tool designed for replacing the studs in your Nokian tires. N/A N/A N/A $14.99
45NRTH Dillinger 4 Studded Dillinger 4 45NRTH is a new company based in Minneapolis. Their tires are designed to be tough and affordable. The Dillinger is designed to tackle icy singletrack with grip to spare. The Dillinger will still allow you to commute smoothly thanks to it’s closely spaced center knobs 26×4.0″ 240 27tpi(threads per inch):Steel120tpi: Carbide $174.99
45NRTH Dillinger 5 Dillinger 5 45NRTH is a new company based in Minneapolis. Their tires are designed to be tough and affordable. The Dillinger 5 is a wider version of the Dillinger four, with even more traction and float! 26×4.8″ 258 Carbide $249.99
Vee Snowshoe SnowShoe A less expensive, but still high quality studded fat tire option. 26×4.7″ $119.99
Vee XL Snowshoe Studded SnowShoe XL Studded A super wide and super grippy option for your fatbike. Whether you’re exploring off-road or commuting on a foot of fresh snow this tire will knock your merino socks off. 26×4.8″ Steel $189.99
Michelin Star Grip A non-studded, but winter specific option from the venerable French brand. Designed to offer traction without the drag of studs, this tire is best on slush or paired with a front studded tire on an everyday commuter. 700x35700x40 N/A N/A $59.99