Bike Events with Kat – CYCLOCROSS SEASON!

January 21, 2013

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Elm Creek Park race in Maple Grove.

There are a million reasons to love fall/winter in Minnesota but cyclocross season is a really BIG one.  Cyclocross is a type of racing and riding that incorporates all types of terrain including: road, gravel, grass, dirt, ice, water, sand and mud. To ramp up the challenge barriers are set throughout races in order force cyclists to dismount, pick up their bike, get over the barriers and remount. In any given cyclocross race you may have to carry your bike up stairs, bunny hop small barriers, ride off-camber lines, and steer-through technical turns.

Varsity sponsored Brian Kozicki after very dusty Tuesday Night Cross race in St. Louis Park.

Minnesota serves as a perfect backdrop for cyclocross racing with our countless parks full of rolling hills, gravel and dirt trails, and beautiful trees. This year races have been staged at various metro locations including Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove, Dakota County Technical College’s truck driver training course, Theodore Wirth Park Mountain Bike Trails, and many more.

Cx races at DCTC.


This mud was no joke in Madison, Wisconsin.

This past weekend capped off cyclocross season with Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin.  Racers faced grueling conditions that included days of 40 degree temperatures creating lots of snow melt and inches of mud. Racers were covered in mud and grass and many faced mechanical issues due to the caked mud on their bikes. On last day of the race the temperature dropped way down into single digits causing mud to become hard, icy, and bumpy.  It all made for an incredibly exciting set of races.  New England’s Jonathan Page came in first for the Men’s Elite category, while Kerry Compton took it for the Women’s Elite.  Congratulations to everyone who faced the intense conditions in Madison – including Varsity sponsored racer, Brian Kozicki, and Minneapolis’ own, Josh Bauer!

The run-up section of the 2-mile course.

Whether you’re interested in taking part in next year’s cyclocross season or you’re simply interested in watching some spectacular athletes put themselves to the test, check out the links below.  Also stay tuned to Varsity’s Blog and Facebook page for updates on rides, races, and training opportunities for next fall’s cyclocross season.

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