Bike Events with Kat: Powderhorn 24!!!

August 9, 2013

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Powderhorn 24


Powderhorn 24, 2012

Last year a group of 5 girls and myself joined to become team Menstrual Cycles in the Powder horn24 – a 24 hour bike race.  What followed was a remarkable experience of community, friendship, and love of biking.  It’s difficult for me to describe the greatness of this event because I truly believe it is best witnessed or participated in directly.

The event is organized around the Powerhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis and starts on the Midtown Greenway near the Midtown Bike Center.  The bike center is the best viewing spot if you’d just like to watch the racers do their thing.  Racers have the choice of joining a team of up to six members and you can break down the 24 hours of racing in whatever fashion you choose.  If you are up for a particularly difficult challenge you can opt to do the entire race as a solo rider, taking on the entire 24 hours on your own.Sounds hard core, right?  It is… and AWESOME.


Team Menstrual Cycles ties for first place! (2012)

The reason I find this race to be a diamond among gems of Minneapolis bike races is that it really is an event for everyone.  Most of the women on our team had never raced before, all of us rode single speed bicycles, and one team member did the entire race in flip flops and a bikini top.  We made our “jerseys” with some with old shirts and sharpies.  There was no judgement and we felt fully comfortable racing against much more experienced racers.  By the end we were ecstatic about our performance in the challenge as we came in 2nd place in time and tied for 1st in completed laps. I finished the race full of sweat, dirt, glitter, and filled with absolute happiness.  It is not a race to be missed.  Starts tonight Friday August 9th at 7pm, ends tomorrow (Saturday) 7pm. Some of the folks form Varsity will be down their with the Babboe cargo bike.  Come on down and cheer people on!


Powderhorn 24, 2012

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