At Varsity Bike & Transit, we carry a full line of affordable bikes to meet the needs of our Twin Cities customers. We sell the bicycles that we ride. We concentrate on bikes to get you from A to B; for transportation, commuting, fun, and exercise. Every new bike purchase comes with our No Worries Service Plan.

New Arrivals

We’re always getting in new bikes that we’re excited about. These are some of our most recent favorites.

Traditional Bikes

At Varsity Bike & Transit, we’ve put together a great line up of brands and bikes. We stock the models that we’ve had great success with and fit our customer’s needs, but we’re happy to order whatever you’d like from the brands we stock. Most special order bikes will arrive in about one week. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Every new bicycle comes with our No Worry Service Plan that includes two years of free adjustments, one free Pro Tune, the full manufacturer’s Frame Warranty, and a two year parts warranty.

Electric Bikes

At Varsity Bike & Transit, we have great lineup of electric bikes to choose from. We are often asked, “What is your favorite bike?” The answer is the bike that’s best suited for how you’re going to use it. All of our ebikes work very well and come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Our extensive knowledge of electric bikes allows us to match you with the bike for your desires and conditions. We have a deep and hard gained knowledge of the technical side of these bikes, including the key components of the battery, the motor, controller, and connections. Varsity has made a commitment to this new technology and is the shop to serve your electric bike needs.

Cargo Bikes

Cargo Bikes are human-powered vehicles designed and constructed specifically for transporting large loads. Vehicle designs include a cargo area consisting of a steel tube carrier, an open or enclosed box, a flat platform, or a wire basket. These are usually mounted over one or both wheels, low behind the front wheel, or between parallel wheels at either the front or rear of the vehicle. The frame and drivetrain must be constructed to handle loads several times that of an ordinary bicycle. Other specific design considerations include operator visibility and load suspension.

Discount Bikes

Our discount bikes are great bikes at awesome prices. Check out the discount bike page for the latest selection.