MKS Urban Platform Pedal

July 30, 2012

Posted in: Bike Blog

Kudos to MKS for never giving up on riders who do not want a clipless or BMX pedal.  When the clipless pedal was introduced in the 80’s it killed off every other nice pedal until recently. I like toe clips. I know this is not popular but what else do you ride if you want to keep your feet securely on the pedal and do not want to ride stiff clicky clipless pedals? There has been a resurgence of nicer pedal like the Somas and All Citys. These are still a smaller pedal copied from the pre 80’s mold.

Now MKS has made a new style that works great. Stellar pedal if a platform with less teeth and more surface is desired. Works excellent with toe clips. Designed to fall at an angle for easy foot engagement. Just tap the pedal flip and go. It has sealed bearing and comes in silver or black. I have been riding them for a month now and love them.