No Worries Service Plan

No Worries Service Plan 

No Worries Service Plan

Our mechanics build every bike we sell and take pride in knowing that our bikes can provide not only solid transportation but a very real sense of happiness and well-being for our lucky customers.


With every new bike purchase, we include our No Worries Service Plan for Free.

This includes:

  • A Two Year Free adjustments service. As you ride your new bicycle there will be a bit of a breaking in period. The new cables and chain will stretch a bit and the ride may start to feel a little off. This is totally normal and expected so you can pop in anytime for two years to get the little things tightened and adjusted. This includes brake adjustments, shifting adjustments and many other issues that may arise. This also includes any comfort adjustments from the height and angle of your seat, to the handlebar position or brake lever position. This does not include the installation of wear and tear components such as brake pads or flat tubes. While we cannot cover everything that happens to the bicycle we are dedicated to maintaining the cheapest service in the Twin Cities as well as the nation.
  • One free pro tune up, A $70 dollar value, within the first 90 days. This tune up should get everything on the bike back to the way it felt when it rolled out the door. We always recommend at least one tune-up per year moving forward but we’ll get your first one set up for free.
  • In addition to the 90-day tune up we will provide FREE installation of new or upgraded components that relate to your being comfortable on the bike. If you’re looking for a new seat or some new handlebars within the first three months, we’ll waive the install fee to get your ride feeling just right.
  • We extend the manufacturers warranty on all new bike parts for up to two years. This covers any manufactural failure or defects from the factory. If your not sure if the issue you’re having is a warranty issue, bring it into the shop and we’ll do our best to help.
  • We provide a 2-year warranty on every bicycle frame. This warranty protects against manufactural failure or frame defects from the factory.
  • The best way to think about the No Worries Service Plan is that we are always here to help. If something doesn’t feel right or seems like it broke down when it shouldn’t, we’ll do our best to get you rolling as quickly and reasonably as possible.


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